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hey hey hey... good day today.. haha... well uhm aaround 5:45 today i think well when i left school... i took like 100 pics cuz it was soo cool and fun haha well yeah i got bored and it almost looks like i did it on paint or it was some lil kid scribbling but there all pictures of car lights and lights on the street and some of the sunset and everything and yeah some others to soo enjoy!


                                                               <-- i like that one...   ... it looks like a rainbow haha...        <-- it reminded me of a barcode...        

yeah that was a lot... i was bored what can i say... and it was fun fun fun... and this is the most improtant pic of them all

 =) <3<3<3 hehe

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Cool pictures. You're cute.

aww thnaks hehe
i can touch my nose with my tongue too!
yay!! hehe...
aww i wish i could touch my nose with my tongue.. *tryin ever so hard*

i love ur pictures.. but then.. i always do.. =)

oh and they reminded me of a tornado.. AWESOME! lol
aww im sowwy... heh... a tornado.. hmm well i dont really know what one looks like but thats awesome!! lol
cool pictures!
i love the negatives of your photos...and nice talent with the tongue should put it on your resume

your added...add me?
your added!!
me and my uncle were racing eachother on tying a cherry stem in a not at sinner today and i won!! 3 times... haha and i opened my starburst faster to haha.. my tongue has some mad skills!!