Thursday +Daniel + 12 + Green + Monkeys= HOTT SEX! (oiblackheart) wrote,
Thursday +Daniel + 12 + Green + Monkeys= HOTT SEX!

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I jumped in Puddles today yay

yay!! it rained soooo hard today it was effing awesome!!! <3

and soem other pics yay


I <3 the rain


<marquee>this is my all time favorite!!!!</marquee>

< sorry blurry

< eh sum omore blur


and some other random pics of the sky from this morning and after schoolP>


weeeee i had fun today!!!!

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i <3 rain and the last one :)
yay!! err.. my thing keeps meesing up i must hust be retarded lol
very cool pictures: )
I think I'll paint the first wouldn't mind would you?
I'll send you a copy
please do that would be eefing awesome... yes please send to me i would love to see it!!!!
i added you 2!!! :)