Thursday +Daniel + 12 + Green + Monkeys= HOTT SEX! (oiblackheart) wrote,
Thursday +Daniel + 12 + Green + Monkeys= HOTT SEX!

add my new sn now!!
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Hey what’s up Degrassi_cru members were having contest just to let u know its NOT mandatory k
The rules
1 chose a person form Degrassi
2 ur going to show and tell us why the person on Degrassi is the best
3 at lease 8 pictures of the person
4 and a little collage diagram with pictures and words of the person (example at bottom)
~~~~~~~~~~stuff ur going to write about~~~~~~~
* the type of person (punk,prep,drama queen,slut....)
* the relations wit the person (boy/girlfriends, parents, friends...)
* examples of why u love them (funny,kind,smart...)
* what inspired u to do this person (there a role model....)
* ne thing else to help u win****
~~~~~~~~***The winner gets***~~~~~~~~~~~~
*Winner*---------- gets to have there picture they turn in used as the degrassi_cru background for are Lj site
*Runner-up*------ picture gets to be put on the info page
Contest runs from December 18th -January 1st
So hurry up if yah want to participate we hope to c Ur entry there!!
U got about 2 days sry for the short notice

hey, long time no talk?
I havent got a computer at home. lol
I'm building a new one though....So give me time.
Hey, can I ask you for the code you used to get the clear background?...if that makes sense.


one more spot open!!!!!

Thanks,, Degrassi_Cru.